Treo 650 Housing Replacement Do-It-Yourself Instructions

[Ed. note: Larry originally wrote this article for the Palm Is Life forum, but he has also translated it for posting here. To see this article in the original Chinese, click here. Happy Hacking!]

Around two weeks ago at ““, we had a group purchase activity for buying complete set of Treo 650 Housing as replacement parts for those with “poor looking” Treos.

These are “Genuine Replacement Housing For Treo 650” with a “Verizon” logo printed. They are not brand new housings, they are all used but in good condition.

Before disassembling

Remove the SD card, stylus and SIM card

Remove the battery cover and battery

Locate the 7 screws surrounding the back side and remove them with a Torx-5 screw driver.

The antenna screw is hiding under the rubber plug; remove the rubber plug by using a tiny flat blade screw driver.

Antenna can be pulled out right after the screw is removed.

Disassembling the front casing

Some latches can be seen as the picture shown, use your finger nail to conquer them.

The disassembled front and back casing

Remember to remove the speaker and the vibrator and move them to the new housing.

Disassembling the middle chassis

Middle chassis removed

The volume control button is attached to the middle chassis

Again, don’t forget to remove and replace the speaker and the vibrator.

Now back to the part of front casing: remove the flat cable from the main board.

The flat cable removed

Remove the main board carefully, since there is the other flat cable right under the main board and it is still connected.

Here it is! The flat cable is from the LCD.

Remove the LCD flat cable

This is the front casing picture with main board removed.

Remove the two screws on the keyboard PC board with a tiny Philips screw driver.

Removing the keyboard PC board

Remove the QWERTY and 5-way keypad, LCD and earpiece speaker.

Here is an exploded view of all parts.

The contents of a Brando Treo 650 housing kit include:
-One front cover
-One back cover
-One battery cover
-One middle chassis

Just follow the step-by-step instructions backward to complete the Treo 650 housing replacement.The price for each housing set is US$50, and it can be ordered here.


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  1. If I did a similar job to my PDA, it would never work again. Even for the adventurous, that looks like a huge amount of work for a cosmetic benefit.

  2. Thanks for the great pictures. It really helped me to take apart my 650 to fix a stuck key. All for $12.99 – the cost of the “cell phone toolkit” from my local Microcenter store. It would’ve cost me nothing if my Torx toolkit had the T5 driver (the smallest I had was T6).

    If you’re handy and are somewhat familiar with how compact electronic devices are assembled, this is pretty easy to do.

    One tip regarding the flat cables – the connectors (on mine) use latches. Instead of pulling on the flat cable, just flip up the latch and the cable pops free. To re-install, place the cable in the connector and pop the latch back down.

    I might consider getting a new case and having a friend do an airbrush job on it!

  3. Greetings, FYI the pictures are not loading… Not a single one.

  4. Ah yes Eric, they were dropped in the epic March 1 server crash. I bet I can get them reloaded for you later today though. Please check back in a few hours. :-)

  5. I own a Treo 650 that the speaker has stopped working. I’ve googled “treo 650 speaker” but this post come closest to what I need. Would anyone possibly know how I could obtain a replacement speaker? I’m a trained hardware technician and feel comfortable doing this type of work if I could find the hardware I need. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • i had that problem also.. i went to an electronic store to get the speaker re-coiled and works perfectly

    • i just bought a treo speaker, it was included in a "complete housing for treo 650" listing on e bay the cost including shipping was a little less than 20$…hope this helps


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