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March, 2007 Archive


March 6, 2007 • Reviews

The Proporta Cradle for Treo 750 Review

I have owned about 4 Proporta aluminium cases in the past (Axim X5, iPAQ 1930, iPAQ 2210, iPAQ 4350), and I have been extremely happy with their quality and design. When Proporta asked us to take their Treo 750 Cradle out for a spin, I was more than happy to. The cradle comes in a …

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March 5, 2007 • eBooks, Reviews

eBooks and eReaders–a Short Overview

Soon I will be lucky enough to review Sony’s Reader, an eBook reader by Sony.? But before I do and give y’all a review, I thought it might be nice to give folks a brief overview of eBooks, both on devoted devices and PDAs. I’ve been in the online documentation game for a long time.? …

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March 3, 2007 • Reviews

The QuickSeals Review

Now available on the market are QuickSeals from Neese Products, LLC.  This innovative product is a plastic pouch with a zip slider on top and two adhesive strips on the bottom. QuickSeals are pouches that affix to any food bag or box to add a zip closure to seal in freshness and prevent spillage. Betsy …

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March 1, 2007 • Reviews

The JetArt Cooling Review Part 2 and 3: HDD and CPU Coolers

A few days ago I posted my review of the JetArt VC2600 VGA Cooler, which I was very happy with. I have decided to roll the HDD and CPU Cooler Reviews into one as the HDD Cooler review is fairly short. JetArt HCA06 HDD Cooler Review The HDD cooler is quite simple, attaching to the …

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March 1, 2007 • Reviews

The Otterbox 1920 Treo Case Review

Let’s say that the place where you need to use your Palm Treo 650 or 700 series is not in an office in the middle of the city; perhaps it is at a bivouac in the middle of a desert, in an arctic outpost, or maybe on board a crabbing vessel in the middle of …

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