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Wi-Gear iMuffs for the iPhone Review: giving your ears a break

Wi-Gear has upgraded the iMuffs for compatibility and optimization with the iPhone. Previously reviewed October 2007 here at GearDiary, the wireless headphone consistently delivers good performance and comfort for extended wearing periods whether sitting on your duff, driving, walking or exercising. Last year’s model had some initial compatibility issues with the 1st edition of the iPhone, but has been resolved with… Read More ›

Review – Griffin Clarififor iPhone 3G

I love my iPhone. I love Evernote. I love using the camera on the iPhone to snap pictures and send them to Evernote. I love the fact that when I send pictures taken on my iPhone to Evernote they are automatically scanned and completely searchable. I hate the fact that the iPhone’s camera take lousy close-ups of text. That’s why… Read More ›

The Creation of a Hackintosh

(Note- This post is done in order to share my experience creating a Hackintosh. It is not intended to recommend or encourage similar hacks. Gear Diary neither recommends, nor takes any liability, if you choose to do the same.) I’ve been through the whole UMPC thing from the start. I had a TabletKiosk UMPC the day they were shipped. I… Read More ›

Review: Kuru Footwear

I am a avid walker and hiker.  Sometimes I will choose to walk when I would normally drive, even if I have to take a empty backpack along to carry my purchases.  Because I walk a lot, I always buy good shoes, which is why I jumped at a chance to check out these interesting shoes. Kuru Footwear gets its… Read More ›

Lexus IS F fast, fun, Fierce!

“Military Intelligence” seems to have been the poster child for oxymoron for as long as I can remember. Since entering automotive journalism prior to the end of the last millennium I have had extreme difficulty using the words “Lexus” and “performance” to describe each other as well. Not anymore.

Review – Xlink Bluetooth Gateway BTTN

My wife and I have had multiple telephone lines since we were first married. Most of the time we had two lines, a “house phone” that was for personal use and a “work line” that I used professionally. That changed last year when I got rid of my “work line”. I was using my cell phone almost all the time… Read More ›

Audéo PFE (Perfect Fit Earphones) from Phonak

We review a lot of personal audio equipment here at Gear Diary, and I’ve reviewed a number of different earphone packages over the years.  The Audéo PFE from Phonak are a little different than many earphone products I’ve reviewed because they have the interesting distinction of being developed by Phonak,  a company that specializes in making equipment for people who are hearing… Read More ›

2009 Nissan 370Z

(Click on image to see video) We got to spend a little time behind the wheel of the all-new 2009 Nissan 370Z on its Dallas stop during the national Follow the Nissan Z Tour making its way across country since the car’s debut at the LA Auto Show.