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February, 2008 Archive


February 4, 2008 • Reviews

The TasteBook CookBook Review

If you know nothing about me, then you don’t know the story of my book (Get Some Hairapy) and my adventure getting it published. I looked at so many options it would make your head spin. What I settled on was using a micro publisher (Infinity Publishers) who allowed me to create and design the …

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February 2, 2008 • Reviews

The Kensington SlimBlade Bluetooth Trackball Mouse Review

When I wrote about meeting with Kensington at CES, I had already been testing their SlimBlade Trackball Mouse for a few weeks. This is the mouse with a trackball that “gives you control even when there’s no room to move a mouse, then switches to mouse mode with the push of a button.” It’s now …

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February 2, 2008 • Reviews

E-TEN X650 Unboxing

I arrived home the other day, to a WONDERFUL surprise. E-TEN’s X650 arrived! I wasn’t even expecting it, and its here!  The E-TEN X650 is the upgrade to E-TEN’s X600, value series GPS enabled Pocket PC Phone.  Its running WM6 Professional, and has a VGA screen (the X600 did not). Without much further ado, here …

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February 1, 2008 • Reviews

The Qosmio Is Here! Let’s Take A Look

What the heck is a Qosmio, you ask? Well, we will just have to open this giant black box I received to find out. Follow me past the link and we can take a much closer look at the contents of this mysterious box.

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