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July 15, 2008 • Reviews

Agent18 FlowerVest for iPod Touch Review

As part of her transition to the iPhone after years as a devout Treo user, my wife has been using an iPod Touch for the last month. At first she was using a hard-shelled case I had “laying around” to protect it. That changed last week when I received a box from our friends at Agent18 containing two of their new FlowerVest cases for the iPod Touch.

“Hmmmm,” I thought to myself upon opening the box, “a flowered case… how am I going to review that?”
“Nice cases,” said my better half, “I’d love to use one of those.”

So I offer you the first gadget accessory review that my wife and I have co-written.

The Agent18 FlowerVest case for the iPod Touch is a simple, yet attractive and functional silicone case. It is made from a soft, high quality material that is pleasant to hold and makes the device less slippery both in your hand and on the table. It is streamlined but protects the Touch well, surrounding and protecting every part of it except the screen. Obviously, since the screen is exposed using a screen protector is a “must”.

The case covers both the “Home” and the “Sleep/Wake” button, but allows full access to, and use of, both. The colored “flowers” on the case serve a dual purpose. Not only are they a decorative and attractive feature (depending on your taste), but they make allow for a slip-resistant grip of the device.

Clearly a good deal of thought went into this case, as a small hole in the center of one of the “flowers” looks like it is part of the design but actually ensures that the Touch’s auto dimming feature remains fully functional.

Agent18 includes a Universal Dock adapter with the case. This allows the Touch to be synced and charged in a universal dock without the need to remove the device from it. This is especially important since the fit on the touch is rather tight.

I asked if there was anything else I should share in this quick review and my wife said, “It is much nicer than any of the other (hundreds) of “soft” cases you have owned over the years and I think the “flowers” (especially in the brown/blue combination) are fun. I love my new case.”

Coming from my spouse that is high praise indeed!

The Touch FlowerVest comes in Brown/Blue and Pink/Pink and is available from Agent18

MSRP: $29.95

What I Like: Offers good protection, made from high quality materials, includes universal dock adapter

What Needs Improvement: Not inexpensive although on par with similar cases

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