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HP2140- My First Hack

One of the things that has been most significant since I made the move to using Apple’s products almost exclusively, is the fact that I have become very spoiled. I now want and expect electronics that not only work well, but also have a high degree of polished aesthetics, so that when I use the devices, they not only function… Read More ›

HP 2140 In The House

Chris and I have been having quite a good time tweaking our MSI Wind netbooks. Both of us have run Mac OSX and Chris, who’s been a bit more aggressive in his hacking, now has his device booting with three different operating systems. Why then, you might ask, is my MSI Wind now in the Philippines with one of my… Read More ›

PDair leather case for iPod Touch 2

This holiday season just like millions of households, the Schulz family made a contribution to Apple’s earnings with the purchase of two iPod Touch’s. The kids have loved these devices and one of the first things I HAD to do was get a case for each of them. My daughter chose the Otterbox Defender. My son wanted a flip top… Read More ›

Koala’s Bucket

No, it’s not a new computer game, but the cuteness overload while checking out this koala’s bucket was so great that I had to share. I’m unsure this email’s original source, but mom just passed it on to me. You might want some coffee to go with this sweet… It has been so hot in South Australia for over a… Read More ›

The NewerTech Voyager Q Review

Not long after Kevin and I began dating, his ancient Dell started wheezing. Rather quickly, he realized that his desktop was about to give up the ghost, and our main concern became getting data off the hard drives. Because neither of us had an easy way to access the information on those two internal 80GB drives, we ended up taking… Read More ›