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Review: Fun Booth 2 for Mac

Fun Booth 2, from Spoonjuice software is an application for the Mac which lets you snap pictures or take video of yourself wearing all sorts of silly props. You can then e-mail the photos to friends or family, upload them to iPhoto, Twitter, Flickr, or burn them if they really embarrass you.   The application uses advanced face detection software… Read More ›

SplashID – A Second Look

A while back I took a look at two electronic wallet programs that are available for the iPhone. Both  are applications I used on Windows mobile. Both come from reputable, long time, mobile application manufacturers. Both offer the flexibility to organize and protect a wide-range of information. Both protect your data with a high level of encryption.  Both cost the same…. Read More ›

RichardSolo BluePack S3 Review

I’ve been a big fan of the products distributed by RichardSolo since I reviewed their first iPhone battery for JustAnotheriPhoneBlog. That battery provided an extra 1200mAh of juice. I liked it! Then Richard gave me the opportunity to review the RichardSolo 1800 for iPhone. It was a bit bigger, bumped the extra runtime significantly and added a flashlight. I liked it… Read More ›

Nano Rally Review for iPhone/Touch

The idea of racing a tiny car around the kitchen table or other environments sounds like a really fun concept.  I have been a huge fan of racing games my entire gaming life, but have not found the iPhone to be a great platform for these games.  Nano Rally was released just over a week ago and adds a cheap… Read More ›

GearGames Review: Braid (Mac / PC / XBLA)

The hallmark of a great ‘casual’ game is that it takes elements from existing game types, wraps them around a new or innovative gameplay twist, and turns it all into something that feels fresh. It is how games like Plants vs. Zombies or Puzzle Quest take the existing gameplay from the Tower Defense and Match 3 genres respectively and turn… Read More ›

Handy Weather for S60 Review

It’s inevitable…you’re sitting on your couch, relaxing with your tivo and your xbox…when you realize you need to <gasp> go outside! But what is the weather like? How will you know whether to wear your crocs or your docs? You could get up and go outside, but that takes effort. Luckily for you, Epocware has the excellent utility Handy Weather… Read More ›

G-Map for iPhone vs. Mio – Fight!

iPhone owners have anxiously awaited the ability to run turn by turn GPS applications. AT&T has introduced a subscription solution, Tom Tom has announced a version coming soon and Navigon released their North American version last week.  G-Map from X-Road (read Chris G full review from April here) is yet another option and is notably less expensive than the others…. Read More ›

Review: CozyHoze Boss Management System

I have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea over two years ago.  Obstructive Sleep Apnea is where your airway closes off while you sleep causing you to stop breathing.  CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure is the best therapy for the moment.  It uses a blower and a mask system to blow air into you as you breath in.  This… Read More ›

Review: BandGeek for iPhone

Anyone who has spent five seconds around a band room at some point in their life knows that the frequency of a middle A note is 440Hz – but what is its’ MIDI note number? Don’t know? Well then it is time for you to hit the iTunes App store and pick a very useful musical utility – BandGeek. Note:… Read More ›

Credit Where Credit Is Due- Bravo Mr Bezos

I still have questions about the various DRM restrictions and policies on books bought through Amazon for the Kindle. But with regard to the most recent issue, when Amazon remotely removed books from people’s Kindles… today we all received a direct, un-compromised apology from CEO Jeff Bezos. When was the last time you saw a CEO apologize without making excuses,… Read More ›

Rebel Scholar – Was I duped?

Rebel Scholar is somewhat new to the world of iPhone cases.  They feature a wide range of slider cases each with a unique design. The company touts itself, somewhat brashly I might add, as the clear choice over its main competitor the Incase Slider and features in their blog reasons why you’d be foolish to purchase an Incase instead of one… Read More ›

Simply Tweet for iPhone Review

For whatever reason none of the big names in Twitter clients have released their updated versions that support push notification for Twitter. However, several solutions have emerged over the past few weeks to solve this issue. I recently took at look at Boxcar which is an add on to your existing Twitter client to enable push and then I looked… Read More ›

Review: Mosiaca for iPhone

Mosiaca is an iPhone application that lets you take panoramic like images on your iPhone and then upload them to the web where they can be shared with your friends and family. The finished images, called Mosaics are created by taking several pictures in a sequence and then overlapping them to create an interactive panoramic style image. How does Mosiaca… Read More ›

Handy Shell for Series 60 Review

I’ve recently become a convert to the Symbian OS. It has been a lot of fun to learn the ins and outs of a new system, especially one that approaches things like Symbian does. Nokia’s flavor of Symbian feels more phone oriented, with the PDA aspects tacked on as almost an afterthought. While this can be tweaked around a bit,… Read More ›