PocketMac Ringtone Studio 2 for iPhone – Video Review

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I’m not a huge ringtone fan but my use of PocketMac’s RingtoneStudio 2 for iPhone may change all that. At $29.95 the application isn’t inexpensive, but after creating just 30 ringtones it will have paid for itself.

Let’s take a look…

A free trial is available. Get it HERE for $29.95

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  1. Can you use songs which have been purchased from the iTunes music store with this?

  2. Well … not exactly …

    “Since iTunes has removed licensing on their entire music catalog, this means most purchased songs will work, too.”

    So if you still have DRM-laden stuff it won’t work.

  3. I’ll have to go back and double check. I tried a number on that I thought still had drm attached and they worked but I’ll defer to you Michael.

  4. I was just going on what the site said … if you have actually tried it – that is even better!


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