Credit Where Credit Is Due- Bravo Mr Bezos

I still have questions about the various DRM restrictions and policies on books bought through Amazon for the Kindle. But with regard to the most recent issue, when Amazon remotely removed books from people’s Kindles… today we all received a direct, un-compromised apology from CEO Jeff Bezos.

An Apology from Amazon - kindle Discussion Forum

When was the last time you saw a CEO apologize without making excuses, sidestepping or softening the blow? A CEO taking full responsibility for a mistake… Now THAT’S refreshing.

Bravo Mr. Bezos!

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  1. call me a cynic. This reply is high on breastbeating, but low on explanation and/or concrete steps. What about “our legal department is working overtime to redraw the terms of purchase. Any and every form of DRM which is not imposed by law will be removed.” And closing the next loophole: “in line with our principles we will also stop lobbying for more restrictive legislation”

  2. Very nice – still doesn’t deal with all of the Kindle DRM stuff, but at least shows they are listening and trying to deal with all of the conflicting desires of the customers & suppliers …


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