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Welcome to a new series here at Gear Diary! Called the Netbook Gamer, this will allow me to share two of my loves – playing computer games and exploiting my netbooks to deliver whatever performance I can squeeze from them. In this series I will look at games released over the last decade that might have pushed the boundaries of what was possible when released, but still work on a modern PC and will run smoothly on a current release netbook.

In the title I will identify the game, the year it was released and the genre – expect these to be heavily FPS (first person shooter) and RPG (roleplaying game) centric. I will do a review of the game and also look at how it works in the context of playing on a netbook. I will look at whether it requires a CD to play, if the controls are re-mappable, if the game supports netbook-friendly video modes, and so on. Naturally any screenshots I use will come directly from my netbook unless otherwise noted!

Of course I am always open to suggestions in terms of games to review and anything else netbook-specific you’d like to see, so feel free to chime in the comments!

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