Guitar ToolKit for iPhone: Quality Tools In One App

Last week I reviewed Tab ToolKit from Agile Partners. The app is a must have for any guitarist wanting to learn songs using tablature. What about all other guitar needs?    Agile Partners have an app for that too:    Guitar ToolKit.

There are many apps available that do what Guitar Toolkit does. This is a collection of all of these apps in one place. Not only are several apps rolled into one, but stand alone apps do not perform as well. Lets take a look at the features.

Chromatic Tuner

The tuner is the most responsive and accurate I have found on the iPhone. I experienced no stutter or delay and was able to fine tune each string easily.  Two views are available making viewing easier in any lighting conditions.  Eight stringed instruments can be tuned along with an amazing list of alternate tunings. I now use this as a replacement for my stand alone tuner.

Fret Board  (Scale Library)

The fret board allows the ability to see and hear virtually any scale in any key. Set the key and choose the scale and use the positions to learn the scales. This is valuable as a reference or instructional tool.


A metronome seems simple enough as it keeps an accurate beat. The metronome included with Guitar ToolKit is actually nicely advanced. Use the dial to set the beats per minute and let it go.    Use the tap pad a the top to create a beat and lock it in. The metronome also includes the ability to choose from a large list of sounds and the ability to reverse the beats.

Chord Library

Probably all guitarists need to look up a chord at some point. I often look up the chords in alternate positions to get the right sound or make changing easier. The chords are chosen with the rolling mechanism which is common with many apps. Once the chord is chosen, the fingering is visible on a fret board and is strummable. Alternate positions are easy to switch and listen to.    By far the best chord app I have used.

Guitar ToolKit is an amazing application for guitarists. Having all of these features in one app and always with me is wonderful. The extra included instruments are a bonus. I think my old Mandolin just might get dusted off and see some action.

Guitar ToolKit is available here in the app store for $9.99. Worth every penny!!

What I like: Not only everything I need, but all in one gorgeous app.

What I do not like: It does except a set up on my guitars.

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  1. Both these apps look amazing! I might have to be throwing down some App Store cash pretty soon, since I’m trying to get better on the guitar. Thanks for the reviews Travis!

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