Stationstops returns to iTunes Apps Store – Metro North Train Scheduling

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You may have read about the plight of StationStops. The application uses train schedules from the New York MTA to create an incredibly useful iPhone train schedule listing for trains going into and out of Grand Central Terminal. At some point the MTA took issue with the use of train schedules in a paid iPhone app. In August, negotiations between StationStops and MTA seeking a licensing agreement for transit data broke down, resulting in MTA Marketing and Legal departments sending a cease and desist to Apple. Well fortunately the two parties have worked out their differences and StationStops is once again back in the iTunes app store. If you’re looking for a train schedule for New York MTA – this is THE application to buy. Only $2.99 yet invaluable if you’re in the middle of NY and wondering what time you should be at Grand Central to catch the next train home.


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