Blood Energy Potion – because bloodlust never just “goes away”

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Chronic bloodlust is exactly as you might think. It’s an uncontrollable desire to drink blood. This usually hits the peak right around Halloween when companies are marketing all sorts of off-beat stuff list this Blood Energy potion.

Symptoms of Bloodlust include:
– unquenchable thirst
– irritability
– inability to control behavior
– social anxiety
– restlessness
– insomnia
– brutal violent attacks
– homicide

Save for the last two symptoms, these all seems to be descriptions of teenagers. Which is probably who this offbeat potion is aimed at.


Priced at $3.99 per “shot” the potion is actually 80mg of caffeine, protein, iron, fun stuff! And only 25 calories per caffeinated shot.

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  1. If they slapped a “True Blood” label on this they could probably command an even higher price for it.


  1. Wayne Schulz