Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock – Review

Moshi Travel Alarm

I reviewed the Moshi Voice Controlled Alarm Clock a few weeks back and was rather impressed. It really works and makes setting the time or the alarm as easy as speaking. Love it! Well, turns out the company also has a travel alarm clock that uses the same voice technology.

Here is a look.

From The Company:

An travel alarm clock you can trust- Moshi Alarm Clocks are great at home, but even better on the road. The new, sleek, and compact Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock comes in four color options, making it the perfect addition to any traveler’s suitcase.

It’s been a long, jet-lagged day and the last thing you want to do is try to futz with those confusing hotel alarm clocks or untrustworthy automated wake-up calls. With the Moshi VC Travel Alarm Clock simply say, “Set Alarm…7:30am,” and sleep with ease anywhere in the world.

The Travel alarm clock is nice and small- the way a travel clock should be. The voice recognition technology makes it simple to use the following commands-

Time Tells you the current time
Set Time Set time by voice
Alarm Tells you time alarm is set
Set Alarm Set alarm by voice
Alarm Sound Choose 1 of 3 available alarms
Turn off the Alarm Turns off alarm, giving current time
Snooze Allows you to sleep for 9 more minutes
Temperature Tells you current temperature
Help Offers a help menu of assistance

Do I like it? Yes, here is a look at it in action…

What I Like:
Small, light, easy to use

What Needs Improvement:
As the video shows, you need to say things “just right” for them to work.

The Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock is available directly from Moshi. It is currently on sale for $19.99.

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