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January 21, 2010 • News

Apple Releases Mobile Me Gallery to App Store

I must have missed this in all the post-CES catch-up, but late last week Apple introduced a free app that allows Mobile Me subscribers to access and share their Gallery from their iPhone / iPod Touch.

Apple released a new app today that allows MobileMe subscribers to view their uploaded photo galleries. The app also allows MobileMe users to share links to their galleries with others via email and view the galleries of other MobileMe members.

— View your entire gallery including password protected and hidden albums
— Flick through photos and pinch to zoom in for more detail
— Rotate iPhone to see photos in landscape
— View your friends’ gallery photos and movies
— Access previously viewed photos when offline
— Easily share a link to an album from iPhone

The general feedback so far has been more or less bimodal – half giving 5 stars, half giving 1 star. Apparently there were early issues with an inability to login, but those were resolved with an update and thus far I’ve had no issues. While some are also saying it should have been integrated into a single app, and also lament some of the missing features, I appreciate what it does … and it reminds me I need to dump more stuff into Galleries!

Source: MacRumors

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