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Review: Wii Pedestal Base

Sometimes a product does not have to be complex to be great.  Little nifty things like the 3 beads on the Zagg  Smartbuds Dan just reviewed.  It seems so simple, but makes a world of difference in its use.  Is the Wii Pedestal Base one of these products?  Let’s find out.

Review: Easy Note+Todo for Android

Android does not come with even a basic notes application. Luckily there are services like Evernote available, but sometimes you need a local notes application (rather than a cloud based one). That’s where Easy Note+Todo steps up. Can it replace a notes app and a to-do list? Read on and find out!

Review: Display Link USB 2.0 Lets You Share Monitors and Support a Resolution Up To 2048×1152

Yesterday, I showed off the HP USB 2.0 Docking Station.  It’s great for easily connecting your computer to all those peripherals (printer, external monitor, etc).    Today, I’m taking a close look at the Display Link USB 2.0 display adapter.  So “What’s a display adapter?” you ask.   If you need to share your monitor through multiple displays, or you find yourself… Read More ›

eBook Readers Ahoy!

While the last few months have been dominated by publisher drama, it looks like things are quieting down, and we’re starting to hear more about upcoming readers (hardware and software). We have a lot to cover, including the (supposed) upcoming release of a much anticipated reader, so let’s get started! First, let’s start with the big picture. eBook sales increased… Read More ›

ZAGGsmartbuds – Review

A few months ago I found myself a little bit short in the headphones department. I had given away most of the headphones I had used and reviewed and one of the two pair that I tended to use on a daily basis broke. I mentioned this to Judie and she was kind enough to send me a pair of… Read More ›

Suzuki makes Grand Vitara a bit, well, grander

The (possible) internal memo from Suzuki management to product team: “Make our sport utility Grand Vitara a bit grander.” Under the mantra of “Travel light and live fully,” Suzuki positions the Grand Vitara (along with some of its other vehicles) as a “lifestage” vehicle, not a move up or a move over.

The Return of Dear Gear Diary…

photo credit: Alex E. Proimos Starting next month, we’ll be bringing the Dear Gear Diary series. Each week, we will be picking out an email or two sent in by our readers, and then posting them with our answers. With this series we hope that we will be able to help out with your gadget-related questions. We have a large… Read More ›

Review: PDAir’s Aluminum Case Increases the Droid’s Geek Factor

After several years of mobile device designs trending toward smooth, curving lines and symmetrical shapes, the Motorola Droid stands out.  Sure, you’ll see lots of non-geeks carrying it, but from the angular design of the device itself to the style of the commercials Verizon developed to sell it, it’s clear that the Droid is intended to appeal to the technologically… Read More ›

Review: Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve

Some people decorate and adorn their laptops with stickers or Gelaskins.  Sometimes you can buy a laptop that comes with a design on the back of the LCD that just begs to be shown off all the time even when it’s in the case.  That is exactly what the Altego Laptop Sleeve was made for.

Review: HP USB 2.0 Docking Station

One of the things I’ve usually taken for granted is how much of a difference a quality docking station makes in my daily computer use.  Sure, I have a laptop and (now) a netbook for my “regular” job.   Working with a netbook provides additional mobility with a lighter machine to lug around for the daily grind, but it can be… Read More ›

Cogs for iPhone/Touch

It is crazy how different my gaming habits are than they were ten years ago.  I was once a heavy console gamer, staying up late to finish levels or a game and searching for tips in magazines and websites.  These changes are probably due to age, available time or becoming a parent or combination of the three.  At any rate,… Read More ›

iPhone Game Review: Plants vs Zombies

There are all sorts of games: big games, small games; casual games, hardcore games; console games, handheld games; role-playing games, shooter, games, action games, sports games; old games, new games; kids games, adult games; thrilling games, boring games; good games, and bad games. And then there is Plants vs. Zombies! How is THAT for an overly dramatic beginning?!?