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March 20, 2010 • News

Never Miss a Minute of the Game to Open a Brew!

It is March Madness, the game is coming to a close and yet another of your bracket picks is about to fall.  You do not want to miss the last second shot from the latest 14th seed Cinderella story.  If you are like me, there will now be three or four bracket pools that will need to be paid up soon.  As a tear goes into your beer, you notice one last sip.  This is no time to be hunting that bottle opener!  Another brew needs to be opened quickly to serve as a celebration for a miracle that keeps your Final Four hopes alive or drowning your sorrows in yet another failed March Madness.  Luckily if you have the Clicker Universal Remote you can stay at the edge of your seat, open that brew and hope for the best!  This could be the perfect man gadget!!

Check out the details after the break…

  • Control up to 9 components Up to 8 components can be programmed with labeled Component Select buttons:
    • TV
    • DVD
    • SAT
    • CABLE
    • VCR
    • CD
    • DVR
    • AMP
  • Approximately 630 preset codes compatible with most major brands and preset search function for easy component set up.
  • Learning function capability for programming from other remote controls
  • 12 one touch System Control functions Turn on multiple components and select desired inputs/functions/channels all with the touch of a single button. 12 one-touch System Control functions (macros) can be programmed to allow a series of up to 16 consecutive operations with the press of only one button.
  • Usage range increased with high powered Infrared LED
  • Non-volatile memory back-up Programmed codes and macro setting are protected with memory back-up, so that existing settings are not lost when you remove the batteries.
  • Illuminated Component Select buttons
  • Supports Twin View and Picture-in-Picture functions Allows for better wide-angle operation.

Check out more details on the Clicker here or call 646-773-0184 for order inquiries.

5 Responses to " Never Miss a Minute of the Game to Open a Brew! "

  1. Allistair Lee says:

    GD: Never Miss A Minute Of The Game To Open A Brew!

  2. I am going to have to order one of these for Kev … maybe as an early father’s day gift. 😉

  3. Travis Ehrlich says:

    I’m thinking this would look great in my den!

  4. Urgh – you have to call in to order — no online ordering ability. 😛

  5. LarchOye says:

    Never Miss A Minute Of The Game To Open A Brew!

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