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Bloons TD Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

Working at a school allows me to see many different fads and phenomena.  Sometimes it is a certain clothing style, a catch phrase, a certain style of purse or shoes etc…  This year the craze seems to be a certain flash game.  The game is available on an educational website that is actually not blocked by the filter at our… Read More ›

Wait … YOU Had The App Made … and it is Just for ME, to Give ME Free Stuff?!?!

A long time ago I signed up on the Verve Music site in order to gain access to some ‘exclusive’ John Coltrane content. Since 2003 I have gotten more or less weekly emails from them, generally throw-aways promoting whomever was new, but with some occasional gems. Fairly typical for a music publisher and nothing obnoxious enough to make me unsubscribe…. Read More ›

Despite Early Issues, 2010 Toyota Prius Best Yet

(All photos courtesy Toyota) Toyota Prius is the ubiquitous hybrid. And yes, I did have to look that word up. The 2010 model is the third generation Prius to hit U.S. soil and this new midsize model bring better fuel economy, enhanced performance and modern styling to the platform. It is roomier, quieter and equipped with all of the latest… Read More ›

Simply Audiobooks Review

Audiobooks are expensive. If you’re an audiobook addict, you could easily find yourself blowing some major cash trying to keep up with books on your commute. Sure, there’s the library, but then you run the risk of late fees. And services like are pricey, and may not be compatible with your chosen phone or mp3 player. Enter Simply Audiobooks…. Read More ›

SportBoard for iPad Review

As a coach, it is exciting seeing possibilities new technologies are bringing to the profession.  In the past I have reviewed a few iPhone apps that have performed a task, but were definitely limited in their abilities.  After the iPad was announced, there was even a discussion about using the iPad to coach basketball on my favorite basketball forum Texas… Read More ›

Review: Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad

I’ve been enjoying using my iPad in its naked form.  Truth be told I do have it wrapped safely in a full body Clear Coat protectant skin but it’s as close to naked as I’m willing to go. That being said pouch style cases seem to work best for me.  I definitely need something to protect the iPad when I’m… Read More ›

Borderlands: PC/XBOX360/PS3 Game Review

Late last October Gearbox software launched a game called Borderlands. I played it quite a bit at launch, and since then there have been a few DLC add-ons and other attempts by the developers to keep the game fresh in the minds of the typically short-attention-span target audience for this sort of game. As I was revisiting the games of… Read More ›

iPhone Calls Shotgun With New Safe Driver App

Here is an app that caught my interest as soon as I saw the e-mail. Worry is probably the leading cause of stress for many parents and vehicle fleet managers alike. Dangerous Decisions has released an Apple iPhone app designed to monitor driving conditions in a vehicle and it is available as a basic free download or in a pro… Read More ›

Larry and Dan Are Back With Gear Chat #10- Jailbreak!!

Larry and Dan are back after a few week break. In this podcast they focus on jailbreaking their iPhone, iPod touches and iPads, highlight a few iPad and iPhone apps, touch on some items making news and offer a few tips and tricks. Some of the jailbreak apps we are enjoying… Activator Backgrounder FullForce Infiniboard Infinidock Categories Also in this… Read More ›

Who Needs an eBook Editor?

(I want to live here. Via ReadyMade) Welcome to yet another State of the eBook! First of all, the results of last week’s poll are in. Apparently, most of you are bigger ebook fans, with the vast majority voting for “eBooks first!/What’s a paper book?” Guess it isn’t TOO surprising, considering the subject of this column… This week, the big… Read More ›

C25K Week 2: Get On The Bus

There’s nothing like peer pressure to get you motivated.  Last week I told you that after hearing my plan to start the C25K program and write about it for the site both Judie and Dan eagerly joined in too.  Dan’s still on the sidelines with his wrist injury but Judie and I are plugging along, despite Judie battling illness and… Read More ›

Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset and EarPrint iPhone App- Available June 6, but We Already Have a Review

I previously reviewed Sound ID’s last two headsets, the Sound ID 300 and the Sound ID 400. Both headsets were among the most comfortable and best sounding Bluetooth headsets I have used and both packed some nice features into rather small device. Well this morning Sound ID announced their next generation Bluetooth headset, and it is rather impressive. The headset… Read More ›

Review: M-Edge Leisure Jacket For iPad

Finding the iPad case that is right for me has proven to be a difficult task.  There are so many options and styles, finding the perfect option is truly an exercise in trial and error.  I thought I would give the iPad Leisure Jacket by M-Edge a try since it is compact and provides a lot of protection from the… Read More ›

Gear Diary Deal or Dud #4: Original Space Bag

I’m back with another episode of Gear Diary’s Deal or Dud? This month I take a look at the Original Space Bag.  Several years ago these bags were all the rage.  You loaded them full of your most bulkiest sweaters, blankets and other items that you used seasonally, sucked all the air out to compress and them and then stored… Read More ›

JAVOedge Releases iPad SleeveCases In Three Styles

JAVOedge has just released a series of iPad sleeves and they look great. The three styles, the Poppy Sleeve Case, the Kyoto Sleeve Case, and the Fiber Sleeve Cases are all “animal-friendly” (ie non-leather) with the Poppy Sleeve available in “sunny yellow”, “sky blue”, and “tangerine red”. As the company puts it, “The Sleeve Cases are nice enough to carry… Read More ›

More Kindle for Android Details!

[youtube][/youtube] The lucky guys at Android Central got their hands on a demo of Kindle for Android, and it looks amazing. If you watch the video, there’s a brief force close (oops!), and a demo of some of the settings. Highlights for me were the ability to change the background colors and a brightness slider; when you’re dealing with a… Read More ›