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Sena iPhone 4 Case Roundup

Sena is readying its line of cases for the new iPhone 4. Many of the designs are familiar to anyone who has previously used one of Sena’s cases. Others, like the Fondina, are a new approach to iPhone cases and play well off of the iPhone 4’s clean lines and sleek feel. All are sure to come with Sena’s great… Read More ›

Lenovo A63 Desktop Computer Review

  I could sum up this entire review in one word (Whoosh!), but I think Lenovo would not be happy. Nor would you, since you clicked through to a review intending to find out more about a product, and not just that’s it’s very fast. So let’s get started in on the Lenovo A63 desktop and what makes it so… Read More ›

C25K: Larry Is too Cool for School

Week of 6 of the  C25K program is in the books.  Only three more weeks to go.  Here’s how this week’s workouts looked: Larry: If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed the lack of Tweets related to the C25K program this week.  No it wasn’t a Twitter failure. Judie: And if you follow me on Twitter, you… Read More ›

Kobo Android App Review

The Kobo Android app is finally out! It is the first major bookstore besides eReader to have an app for the Android platform, and it offers some major advantages, as well as some serious drawbacks. Read on for my review! First of all, there’s some benefits to Kobo’s system. They believe your book should be available wherever you are, on… Read More ›

First Impressions: OnLive Gaming Service

I have written here and here and here about the OnLive gaming service, which was announced over a year ago as a way for gamers with relatively modest computer hardware to run the latest and greatest games in HD. The service was supposed to release on June 17th, but folks sporadically started gaining access on the 18th – which is… Read More ›

LapWorks iPad Recliner – Review

Since I’m using my iPad as a notebook replacement most of the time I need a good solution for holding it at the right angle for reading and writing on it using a Bluetooth keyboard. Judie knew I was looking for something that would fit the bill so when LapWorks sent her a review sample of their iPad Recliner she… Read More ›

Penny Arcade Sums Up E3 In Three Panels

Image Courtesy of TechShowNetwork I didn’t lead with the comic itself as it contains some language and phraseology that might offend some … so click on in to see the comic itself – or head to Penny-Arcade to check it out! I have written at some length about the Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony presentations, but in their most recent comic… Read More ›

My Summary of Sony’s E3 Presentation: Buy Our 3D TV’s, We Make a Better Wii-Mote, People Are Too Dumb for the PSP

I am honestly beginning to believe that hubris is so tightly ingrained in the Sony Corporate culture that ‘berate the customer day’ likely stands alongside ‘casual Friday’ as a regular occurrence. OK, perhaps that is a bit harsh, but what came out of the mouths of Sony at their E3 press event were definitely NOT the words of a company… Read More ›

LaCrosse driving force behind modern Buick

With Buick being one of the four remaining cornerstones of the General Motors family, executives in the division find themselves in a difficult but familiar dilemma: Deliver competitive vehicles that attract new buyers while not alienating a loyal demographic. The new Buick LaCrosse is completely redesigned for 2010 and is built on global architecture at the Fairfax plant in Kansas… Read More ›

Waterfield Unveils Two Ways To Protect Your iPhone 4

Just because you can’t get through Apple’s servers to order your new iPhone 4 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t and can’t make arrangements for it when (if??) it ever arrives. Fortunately Waterfield is rolling out some protection for the new iPhone. Right now there are two offerings but I suspect more will be on the way. The nice thing about both… Read More ›