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August 30, 2010 • News

iPhone Case First Look: Sena WalletSlim for iPhone 4


I don’t know about you, but there are times when I forget to bring my wallet or my keys … but I NEVER leave the house without my iPhone. That’s where Sena’s upcoming WalletSlim case for the iPhone 4 could come in handy. The WalletSlim isn’t out yet (it ships soon), but we have a pre-release look at the new case and it looks quite handy.


The WalletSlim is a leather skin made in typical Sena fashion — that means high quality leather, good fit and finish and no loose threads.

The case covers the back, the sides and the upper and lower portion of the screen while leaving the Home button and speaker/front facing camera open.


Where the case starts looking different is on the back. There you will find a leather tab for holding the iPhone securely inside and two slots at the top.


With the leather tab unsnapped the two card slots are accessible.


It is worth noting that the slots are designed in such a manner that the camera is left exposed. Also, while it is a snug fit, the iPhone does go in when there is a protective layer on the back such as the SPG leatherskin (love it!!!).


The slots are perfectly size for a driver’s license and one credit card… just enough for when you go out and only want to carry your phone, then you can keep the rest of your numbers safely inside the phone using eWallet!


The WalletSlim is a nice looking case that is super functional. I’ll be using it for the next few days and have more to say. The WalletSlim comes in 9 different colors and has an MSRP of $44.95. You can pre-order one right from Sena’s website.

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