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First Drive: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

I was invited down to San Antonio, Texas recently to get my first experience with this new compact vehicle from Chevrolet that is replacing the Cobalt model. The new vehicle, set to arrive in dealerships in September, is called Cruze. One of my first questions during a marketing presentation was “What is the origin of the name Cruze?” Seems I… Read More ›

PC Game Review: Puzzle Quest 2

I recently reviewed the Nintendo DS version of Puzzle Quest 2, and since then the PC version has hit Steam. As I said, the DS game made good as a true sequel to the “Casual Meets Hardcore and Loves It!” surprise hit from 2007. Back then the PC version was the most feature-packed and inclusive version. So does the new… Read More ›

Amazon Is Having a Great Week

While B&N had some disappointing financial results, Amazon is riding high on some good news this week. They’ve had glowing early reviews for the Kindle 3, and some (unofficial) numbers indicate they’re trouncing Apple in the ebook wars. First, the Kindle 3 reviews. CNET, Kindle Review and several other sites received review units, and everyone uniformly loved it! It sounds… Read More ›

iPhone 4 Case First Look: OtterBox Commuter

OtterBox’s flagship case, the Defender, provides an unparalleled level of protection. But not without a price. The Defender is considered by some to be big and sometimes even bulky. What isn’t up for argument however is OtterBox’s quality and the level of customer service they put behind every one of their cases. The company understands that the Defender isn’t for… Read More ›

Graffiti Ball for iPhone/Touch Review

I was browsing the App Store for possible Blue Plate Specials and I was hankering for something different.  Maybe with the stress of a new football season and the start of school, I just needed something new.  I came across Graffiti Ball while looking at some other applications from Backflip Studios, creators of some fine free games.  Actually, the icon… Read More ›

Barnes and Noble Doesn’t Eat Their Own Dog Food

If you knew nothing about Barnes & Noble and wandered into their stores, you’d assume the nook is a huge part of their business. After all, they’re promoting it like crazy, with signage everywhere, big bold displays, and what appears to be major corporate backing…but apparently the corporate backing only goes up to a point. And that point stops somewhere… Read More ›

Intel’s Hands Free Research Lets Your Mind Do The Typing

Image courtesy of A few years ago OCZ introduced some technology that could potentially change gameplay as we know it with the Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA). With this device you could use facial muscles and electronic signals from your brain to control movement and common keystrokes in games and could potentially free your hands for other functions. I never… Read More ›

Review: Primo Battery Cube

It happens without fail at least once a week. I install a new piece of software on my phone, or read a book on the Kindle app, or I get caught up in too many IM conversations…and I run my battery down mid-day with no access to a charger for several hours. Oops. Luckily, there’s products like the Primo Cube… Read More ›