iPad and iPhone App Update- Dropbox-Powered Elements 1.1


I’m using DropBox more and more these days, thanks to a recommendation from Thomas a number of months ago. One of the key apps on my iPad that makes Dropbox even more powerful is Elements. The universal app lets you use Dropbox as a note-taking application on any iOS device; it is a great way to take notes on the go and ALWAYS know exactly where to find them.


When Larry first recommended the app to me, it was good… but extremely limited. You could make notes and do some minimal formatting, but that was it. Now Elements has been updated to version 1.1 and it is even better. This first major update brings…

The ability to delete files within Elements

The ability to rename files within Elements

The ability to sort files by name and creation date

The ability to search the contents your Elements files

A new list view when using Elements on your iPad.

A new, easier to use, user interface

The update also brings some bug fixes and refinements that all add up to a good productivity app being even better. And this is just version 1.1!

Elements is $4.99 in the App Store. If you already use Dropbox it is one of the Must-Have iOS apps in my opinion. If you don’t use Dropbox yet it is worth a look.

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