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Review: Purse to Go Bag Organizer

It’s no secret that a few of us here at Gear Diary are bag fanatics. Judie’s collection puts mine to shame any day, as does Clinton’s. But for the past few years, I have been a purse fanatic. It’s been my other spendy item other than technology. I haven’t gone crazy; usually I only buy one nice bag a year,… Read More ›

SCOTTEVEST Revolution Plus Review

Last year I all but lived in my SCOTTEVEST Evolution Jacket during CES 2010. The Evolution was perfect. As a jacket it was great for the early morning chill in Vegas and since it was from SCOTTEVEST it held a ton of gear. As the day heated up the zip-off sleeves converted the Evolution into a vest that still carried… Read More ›

New In The iTunes App Store- DEVONthink To Go- Take All Your Documents With You!

The iPad took yet another step forward as an amazing productivity device this evening when DEVONthink To Go finally made its appearance in the App Store. DEVONthink is a Mac OS X database program that makes collecting, organizing and manipulating all sorts of files easy. As Devontechnologies explains- Meet DEVONthink — designed to manage and keep in order all those disparate… Read More ›

iPad App Review: Mickey’s Spooky Night Arrives Just In Time For Halloween

Just in time for the upcoming Halloween holiday the folks at Disney Publishing have released their newest read-along story for the iPad.  Mickey’s Spooky Night features a Halloween themed story along with interactive jigsaw puzzles and games too.  The plot of the story surrounds Mickey and his friends as they all get together for a Halloween party, but Mickey and… Read More ›

Sunday (actually every day), the Rabbi Used an iPad

(Dan in action at my wedding with his handy iPad) A few days before my wedding I received an instant message from Dan (who was our officiant). It’s never good when your rabbi tells you he has a “dilemma” regarding your ceremony…but I had to laugh when his central issue was whether to use an iPad or a Kindle for the service! Never one… Read More ›

NOOKcolor: Swing and a Miss or a Home Run?

As per internet rumor, Barnes and Noble unveiled their newest addition to the NOOK lineup: NOOKcolor. It’s sort-of an ebook reader, sort-of a tablet, and B&N seems pretty excited and confident it’s going to win them marketshare over the Kindle (and possibly the iPad). I’ve been debating with myself about whether this is going to be successful or blow up… Read More ›

Halloween Edition, GhostCamPro for iPhone Review

We are all feeling the financial pinch!    Blue Plate Special is a weekly review of bargain apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Nothing over $.99. With Halloween quickly approaching, I decided it would be appropriate to find a spooky app for this week’s Blue Plate.  There are many applications with a Halloween theme, but some of my favorites utilize… Read More ›