Guitar + iPhone = CASTIV’s Guitar Sidekick

The iPhone and iPad have spawned hundreds of apps for guitar players.  It has been truly exciting seeing the genre build and develop over the past year.  I have actually reviewed several of these apps and use them regularly while I jam at my house.  PocketAmp AmpKit Amplitube Tab ToolKit Guitar ToolKit The only problem I have found with these apps is where to place my iPhone.  I usually balance it on my leg or leave it on the couch.  Either way, I end up in an awkward posture which is a terrible habit to form as a guitar player.  Recently, I thought it would be nice if I invented something to hold my iPhone so I could tune up, change effects or read tabs.  Luckily, CASTIV Media has taken care of the idea for me with the Guitar Sidekick.  I hope to have a review of the product once it is released.

Introducing the Guitar Sidekick™

The Guitar Sidekick™ is a neck-mounted clamp system designed to hold a SmartPhone, MediaPlayer, recorder, or tuner. The system enables you to easily use any of the music/guitar apps available for smart mobile devices, such as: video lessons, lyrics teleprompter, audio recorder, metronome, tabs display, and instrument tuner. Compatible with any guitar, it does not affect playing or tuning, and accommodates the iPhone, iPod touch, PSP, iTab, and others.


Easy to install and to use
• Works on acoustic, classical and electric guitars
• Does not effect the acoustics of your guitar
• You can still tune your guitar with the Sidekick™ on
• Can rotate to accommodate either portrait or landscape view

Kit includes

• Guitar Sidekick™
• Instructions
• Does not effect the acoustics of your guitar
• 1 year warranty
* iPhone not included

You can find more information here at the CASTIV website.  The Guitar Sidekick will retail for $29.99

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