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Join a Virtual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving for Charity!

“Turkey trots” are a very popular thanksgiving tradition. Usually they’re organized events, with a large group of people and race volunteers, etc. But you don’t need to join a full race to run a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving, just head right out your front door! Instead of just running your usual route, though, you can still make Thursday’s run special…. Read More ›

2011 Ford Edge Sport Fresher and Hipper

The Ford Edge crossover utility vehicle paved the way to a new segment for Big Blue Oval to compete. We recently got familiar with a 2011 Edge Sport model, aimed at customers who want a fresher, hipper crossover and this year Ford has updated styling AND technology. The Edge Sport rolls on up to 22-inch polished aluminum wheels, a first… Read More ›

Review: Everki Agile Slim Laptop Bag

I recently found my first laptop bag.  The bag is from an era when laptops were big, bulky and weighed a ton.  Simply being able to carry them made them mobile.  The bag was huge, heavy and had no features.  Today, mobile computing keeps getting smaller.  Full screen laptops are much thinner and netbooks and MacBook Airs seem to be… Read More ›

Don’t Want The TSA Checking Out Your “Stuff”? This Underwear is for You!

SCOTTEVEST recently released, and we reviewed, new travel boxers that have a pocket built-in. Forget the pocket… they are just plain comfortable. Now there’s a new line of undergarments available. No, they aren’t for the tech-lover or the frequent traveler but rather these bras and underwear are intended to keep prying TSA eyes from checking out your “stuff”. Yes, lead-free,… Read More ›

Android and Netflix: a Gear Chat

Was reading through the articles on Netflix late arrival to Android and came across this post over on ZDnet.  The author’s headline sates that Netflix is not out for Android because of the dreaded platform fragmentation.  We had a gear chat about it, but first let’s include a quote from the official Netflix blog post: We regard Android as an… Read More ›

Verizon to Customers- If You Don’t Read the Fine Print (and Read Our Minds) That’s YOUR Problem

Ever heard of the “bait and switch”? Of course you have. That’s the game in business that advertises one product and then, when it is not available, pushes you to buy something else. In almost every case the “something else” costs more and offers less. It is certainly not the most consumer-friendly approach… to say the least but it works… Read More ›