Get Added to Orange UK’s Secret Portrait Twitter Gallery

I’ve always loved watching caricature artists quickly plot out their exaggerated perception of their subjects, but this new offering from Orange UK’s The Feed takes the art to a whole new level. They are offering “secret portraits” of twitter users based on a tweeted self-description. I am about to enter mine, and I thought you might want to give it a try, too.

  1. Describe yourself in a tweet – and don’t forget the #secretportraits hashtag
  2. If your tweet intrigues us, our illustrators will dive into your Twitter profile to find out more about you
  3. They’ll draw a secret portrait based on what they read in your Twitter feed
  4. When it’s ready, we’ll send the portrait to you and post it up on The Feed

If they decide I am intriguing enough to create a secret portrait for, I’ll let you know. I have no idea if they want a list of adjectives or a sentence, so I opted for my typical style tweet …

If they do yours, be sure to share your tweet and your portrait!

Orange UK: The Feed

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  1. Get Added to Orange UK’s Secret Portrait Twitter Gallery