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December 16, 2010 • News

Just Mobile AluPen Wins Awards… Gets Color

AP-818 A+B_s.jpg

We’ve reviewed a number of the offerings from Just Mobile in recent months. Among them are the Gum Plus external battery, the UpStand for holding your iPad securely and, most recently, Judie reviewed the AluPen stylus for touchscreen devices.

Well the AluPen has now won some nice awards including the Spark Design Award and iF product design award 2011.

The AluPen is a great accessory… or last minute gift… and it just got more interesting because now it comes in a variety of vivid colors. As the company explains…

To thank all Just Mobile customers and friends, we decide to bring forward our schedule and announce today our COLOR collection of our AluPen. Enjoy!

You can check out all of Just Mobile’s offerings here on their Web site.

3 Responses to " Just Mobile AluPen Wins Awards… Gets Color "

  1. I’ve been enjoying the original silver … but these colors look FAB! 🙂

  2. clingeek says:

    Nice looking, but 18.00 to ship?? Almost doubles the cost. Not like…..

  3. Erich Huang says:

    RT @geardiarysite: Just Mobile AluPen Wins Awards… Get's Color

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