GD Quickie: Vintage Swedish Army Belts Ready to Do Battle With the Bulge

In a world of “new and improved” sometimes the best things are “old and broken in”. I mean seriously, if you compare the build quality of the appliances we put into our first house almost 20 years ago with the ones we installed in our current home 6 years ago it quickly becomes apparent that older things are sometimes far more durable. That goes for some clothing too.

That’s where Inventory Magazines treasure trove of old Swedish Army belts comes in. As they explain,

The perfect belt always seems to elude us, well some of us. One member of our team came across this style almost 10 years ago and has worn it everyday since. We’ve spent the last year or so hunting for these deadstock army belts, and finally tracked a few down. These Swedish army belts were once standard issue, but have since become very difficult to find.

The belts are Natural tan leather and available in two sizes 110: 28″-34″ and 120: 34″-40″.

They are $75. So are they worth it? After 10 years of hard daily wear the belt developed a nice patina but was sturdy as ever.

So yes, I would say they are worth it.

Via Werd

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  1. Hey Dan! Just ordered one…Thanks!