GD Quickie: You Get What You Pay For

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Meet my cousin Jamie. (Okay, so that’s Jamie’s cat and not Jamie himself, but you get the idea.) Jamie loves his toys. Jamie also loves a deal.

That’s what led Jamie to this MID running OS Android.

IMG 3146

Yes, Jaimie wanted an iPad but didn’t feel like dropping the coin he would have to spend on one so he went out and bought this Android Tablet instead.

IMG 3153

On one side of the box you find the word MID in block letters. There’s nothing else on that side. Come to think of it, there’s nothing on the other sides except the word MID either.

That’s right, Jamie’s Android tablet comes from a company that doesn’t want its name associated with this tablet.

But why would that be?? Hmmmmm… Let’s think about it for a moment shall we?!?! Why would some company not want their name on the box of the Android tablet they produced.

Oh, I know why…

IMG 3156

Because it’s crap.

Seriously, this tablet is complete and total crap. It is the worst piece of garbage I have seen except for… garbage. The thing runs Android 1.6. The screen is horrid and the touch sensitivity is… Crap. It feels like a toy except for one thing… toy’s look and feel better.

IMG 3158

It drives home that ancient adage “Who buys this crap?”

Jamie, that’s who.

and how much did my cousin pay for this piece of garbage? $75.

IMG 3164

$75 and there is only one thing worth doing with it. :)

Jamie… Listen up… You get what you pay for.

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  1. Heh..Yup, they are complete garbage…better off with a Nook Color that’s been rooted!

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  5. Any operational notes, battery life?