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April 29, 2011 • News

GD Quickie: HBO NO! A Rant in Pictures


HBO GO for iOS is live and available for free in the App Store. It is awesome.


You can watch HBO movies on the go.


You can watch some of HBO’s amazing series. (I am totally into Game of Thrones!)


You can watch HBO comedy, you know, the ones where the funny people don’t need to censor their language or content.


You can even watch HBO “late night” programs… If you are into that sort of thing.

Yes HBO GO is a GO… Unless it is a NO GO…

Which is the case if you pay out the nose to Cablevision the way Elana and I do.

That’s right, Comcast gets it. Verizon gets it. Dish gets it. Cablevision subscribers… Not so much.

That really stinks of them … and worse still their iPad app only works at home.

3 Responses to " GD Quickie: HBO NO! A Rant in Pictures "

  1. So, wait; unless you buy a TV package that includes HBO, you can’t use HBO Go? Am I getting that right, or am I missing something?

    • Dan Cohen says:

      Of course that’s the way it works. They don’t want you just getting their programming for free. This is an app to extend the functionality for their subscribers and to make it more desirable to subscribe. They aren’t giving it away.

      • I fear I didn’t explain myself properly; sorry about that.

        One of the things that drives me crazy about cable and dish TV is that you have to get their packages. And I don’t want a flippin’ package; I just want one or two shows. So I don’t want HBO *and* Cinemax *and* TCM and whatever they’ve packaged all together for an addition $20 a month or whatever on top of your cable bill. Heck, I don’t even want HBO; I don’t really even want *cable*; I just want a few programs here and there. Justified from F/X. Game of Thrones from HBO. Fringe. Archer. Just a few things. I don’t really want to get cable w/ extra packages when I just want a few shows.

        But I’m perfectly willing to pay for what I get–I didn’t expect it to be free. If HBO wants to charge me 30 bucks for a series, or $3/episode, or $7.99/month (like Hulu) or some such, I’m fine with that. I guess what surprises me is that you can’t do that, that instead you have to go through some cable provider for it. That seems . . . weird. At least to me.

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