IPad Quick Tip: Want to Read Outside on Your iPad? Go Landscape


Now that summer is unofficially here you may be spending more time than ever outside. As great as the iPad is it leaves a good deal to be desired when you are in the sun. There is the glare. There is the overheating and subsequent shut down safety mechanism. And there is the fact that polarized sunglasses do a number on the iPad and can result in a screen that looks blank even on the highest brightness.

One solution for getting some reading done is to pick up the least expensive Kindle or nook and use it for reading. But if you don’t want to go that route and want to read your books you can at least overcome the polarization issue by rotating the iPad 90 degrees. Thanks to the Kindle app going to 2 page mode in landscape you can overcome the blackout appearance and go from this


To this


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  1. I tried to read outside on a nice sunny day. Could barely see the screen for 15 mins, then it overheated and shutdown :(