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October 12, 2011 • News

More iOS 5.0 Fun as Apple Releases New Apps


Today is shaping up to be a fun day for anyone who loves their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. As you know iOS 5.0 should be released some time today. That also means iCloud is coming and, of course, the iPhone 4S arrives Friday (although reviews are already coming in, and it is awesome).

The fun has already started with two new apps from Apple being released.


The free Find My Friends app that was discussed last week is now live in the iTunes App Store. We will be trying it out and will bring a full review shortly.


Grab it here.


And as part of the iPad cutting the cord with laptops and desktops Apple released a new AirPort Utility app for iOS. That means you can now configure your wireless system without the need of a traditional computer. Nice!


Grab it here.

One Response to " More iOS 5.0 Fun as Apple Releases New Apps "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tried twice to update my iPad 2, but something in the 10.5 version of iTunes keeps “breaking” my wireless connection.  Do idea what is happening.  First time, I did it through the Apple Software updater, & wound up with a system restore.  The second time, I just downloaded the new version of iTunes directly.  Right in the middle of the installation, my internet connection gets cut off, and when I try to reconnect to my network, it tells me something is wrong with my network connector.  Win7 built in troubleshooting cannot correct the problem. 

    Nothing is wrong with my network connector, as it works just fine after removing iTunes 10.5.  Hope they get this problem figured out soon.  Not going to update my iPhone 4 until there is a new JB for it – I just can’t live without a couple of JB programs, but I don’t use them on my iPad and was hoping to be able to start playing with the update.

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