Steve Jobs Biography Out Now


The 60 Minutes piece on Steve Jobs this evening was more than a bit interesting, and it gave some new insight into the man who created the amazing company that is Apple. Now the official biography is out.


The easiest way to pick it up??? Through the Amazon Kindle Store [affiliate link], of course.

If you read the book please make sure to share your thoughts with us below…

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  1. Of course, the easiest way to acquire the book is on the iBookstore through iPad or iPhone. :)

    • True… If you only want to every have access to it on an Apple device.
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      • I pre-ordered on Amazon (Kindle format), but went ahead and bought it again on iBooks. It just seems fitting to read it on my iPad. Then again, I’m actually listening to it on Audible. So, Amazon comes out ahead by one on that. :)