NaNoWriMo – Get on Board and Write That Novel in 30 Days!

Have you ever wished you could write that novel you’ve had rattling around in your brain for ages? Now is your chance – National Novel Writing Month started yesterday, and they have a great website with loads of resources to help you get started.

Better still, there are plenty of tools to help you get started, loads of special deals (including on the awesome Scrivener Mac/PC app), help from other writers and so on.

I have joined up (today) and just got started – and plan to do it all on the iPad. I am using iThoughts HD to outline and develop characters and interactions; then have started in both Nebulous and Evernote to put things in place – I have a terrible fixation on getting a great opening paragraph, so having that separate from the rest is important … otherwise December 1st will roll around and I’ll still be working on the opening!

What about you? Are you going to try? If so, add me as a writing buddy and we can help each other along! Good luck!

Head to the National Novel Writing Month website and get started!

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  1. In my case, it’s more a matter of getting all the (*$#&!! research done than doing the writing.  Roman history; European history; the Latin language; biography of Hero of Greece; etc–that’s the merde that’s slowing me down, alas.  Do you think this would help?  


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