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Bedol Water-Powered Clock Review

Alarm clocks are a pretty straightforward gadget. They tell the time, they wake you up when you’d rather be sleeping, and they’re slowly being replaced with cell phones. But while regular alarm clocks have become a bit boring, there’s a whole subset of funky/interesting variations (remember potato clocks when you were a kid?) Bedol has a really neat, eco-friendly twist… Read More ›

Stupid Gift of the Day: Santa Claus Drink Dispenser

Yes, I’m not sure how appetizing your favorite drink will be when served from this dispenser but one thing is certain — it will get a laugh (pity or otherwise). As the product description explains: Santa Claus makes everything so much more festive and joyous, even when he’s pouring Liquor for you! Well, he sure has a weird way of helping you… Read More ›

Ten Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs’ Biography: An Entrepreneur’s Take

My friend Peter K is a speaker, author, health and success coach, nutritionist and physical therapist. (His website Peter K Fitness tells his story, introduces his method and explains how his approach has helped countless people lead a healthier lifestyle. Some impressive testimonials are there too!) Peter is Elana’s health coach and played a huge role in her becoming as… Read More ›

Localscope For iOS 50% Off For 5 Days

Even though I rarely shop, I am an admitted Black Friday participant. I  usually have a playoff football game that Friday night but I almost always wake up early in the morning and head out. Why not hit a store or two, find a possible deal and watch people be crazy? The entertainment value alone is worth the loss of sleep. An… Read More ›

Garmin StreetPilot App Helps Avoid Gridlock with Real-Time Traffic Photos

Just in time for the huge travel weekend that is Thanksgiving, Garmin has released an update for its StreetPilot Onboard iPhone navigation app. The new version of the app includes the ability to show real-time photos from traffic cameras. As the Garmin release explains, This functionality can help holiday travelers get to their destination faster by giving them the ability… Read More ›

Why I’m Not Shopping on Thanksgiving

Image courtesy my black Friday I heard on the radio this morning that Old Navy will be open on Thanksgiving. Target and Walmart are also planning special hours on Thursday. Personally, I will be avoiding all these stores, but it is not an anti-consumption stance. I just feel terrible for all those employees forced to work on Thanksgiving. I’ve been… Read More ›

Killing webOS Cost HP HOW MUCH?!? Also, HP Nabs #2 Tablet Spot for 2011!

Two interesting pieces of contrasting TouchPad news: one about failure and the other success. From AllThingsD, we get a snip from the recent HP earnings report specific to Palm, webOS and the impact of folding up that business on their results. Here is their quote from the earnings report: Non-GAAP earnings and operating profit information excludes after-tax costs of $3.3… Read More ›

Battle of the Annoying Black Friday Commercials: Kohl’s vs. Target

Image courtesy Zap2It Everything is turned up to 11 as we frantically approach Black Friday and the traditional start to the holiday shopping season. If you watch network television, you have likely seen and heard two amazingly annoying ads: Kohl’s ‘Rebecca Black Friday’ commercial and Target’s ads featuring the simpering presumed cokehead who hasn’t slept in days. Have you seen… Read More ›

Oh the Times, They Are aChangin’

Here’s just one small indicator of how much things have changed over the past few years. One of our cars died and is on its way to the junkyard. Prior to having it shipped off we cleared out the glove box. Buried deep inside with these relics of travels past. Me, “hmmm, New car has nav. I don’t think we… Read More ›

RIP Legendary Jazz Drummer Paul Motian

Today we get the news of the passing of Paul Motian at age 80 (1931-2011), the legendary drummer forever linked with pianist Bill Evans and bassist Scott LaFaro in the definitive piano trio under Evans leadership. His output as a leader and sideman has been tremendous, as has his influence on drummers and music in general. As columnist James Hale… Read More ›