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February 2, 2012 • News, Travel

TripIt gets “iPadified” with New “On-Map” Interactions and Planning


Judie turned me on to TripIt about two years ago, and I have been a devoted user ever since. And today we got word that just got “iPadified”, and now “Travelers can interact with their trip plans on a map and create directions instantly online.”

This is a new way for TripIt users to access trip maps and get directions and makes the service even more valuable than ever. As the news release we received explains,

Now, when travelers log onto, they’ll have the option to view their itinerary alongside an interactive map, or select the traditional detailed view. By clicking on their hotel, airport, or other itinerary item on the map, they can get directions created instantly.

A map-centric design first arrived for TripIt with its iPad app. It give users a way to interact with planned trips geographically for the first time. As Gregg Brockway, Executive Vice President and General Manager of TripIt explains,

After looking at trips through the lens of smartphone and tablet apps for a couple of years now, it’s changing the way we present information that travelers care about most. We’re using maps to bring the elegant and helpful simplicity of mobile back to the web where it all began.

Through these interactive maps and planning tools TripIt users can

-See total trip cost: see how much was spent on air, car and hotel reservations at-a-glance
-Access weather information: itineraries automatically include historical averages for each day of the trip
-Sync calendars: subscribe to a calendar feed of all trip plans or download one trip’s calendar file
-Plan group trips: add travelers to an itinerary with the ability to add or edit trip plans
-Access social networks: share trip plans automatically on Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce Chatter and Yammer
And much more.

Judie and I are paying customers of TripIt Pro, and we are happy to be! You will be too, if you give it a try! Check it all out on

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