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February 27, 2012 • Gear Bits

Jimmy Kimmel Introduces The Trailer for ‘Movie: The Movie:”

In his post-Oscar show, Jimmy Kimmel bemoans how at the Oscars most of the movies only represent one genre at a time, so if you want more you need to watch a bunch of movies. He then goes on to say how he has realized his dreams of creating the most epic motion picture ever …

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February 27, 2012 • Editorials, Music Diary

Vinyl in a World of Digital Music An Interview with Tom Tom Mag’s Mindy Abovitz

While Judie and I were attending the Create.Work.Inspire event sponsored by Dell and Intel last week we had the chance to sit down with Mindy Abovitz, the founder and editor in chief of Tom Tom magazine. (As an aside, we both really love the magazine and highly recommend you check it out.) While the conversation was ostensibly …

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February 27, 2012 • News

HTC One Line of Smartphones Hands-On in NYC

Yesterday we brought word of HTC’s new line of Android smartphones, the HTC One. There are three phones in the line and each has its own unique screen size and feel. What is particularly unique however is the fact that the phones are NOT UNIQUE. No, the enhanced camera, sound and build-quality is the SAME …

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February 27, 2012 • News

Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know from the Oscars Show

There are a number things that really sum up the evening, some that require a bit of explanation and others we can list out. Oh, and I am not going to a full award-winner run-down … you can get that here. Let’s do the bullet points first: They could have subtitled the show ‘We give …

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February 27, 2012 • Events

Nokia Makes a Number of Big Announcements at MWC

Nokia had a number of announcements from their huge MWC press conference. Here are a few of the highlights with links to the Nokia site covering each of the items: Nokia advances on its new strategic direction, rolls out range of new mobile devices and services Nokia has extended the range of products with Windows …

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February 27, 2012 • Events

The Asus Transformer Prime and PadFone Offer a New Definition of “Convergence”

Judie is at the ASUS Press Conference in Barcelona. Right now she is listening to the CEO of ASUS. The big news here? The Asus Transformer Pad Prime and the PadFone.

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February 26, 2012 • Events, News

T-Mobile to be Premier Launch Partner in the U.S. for the HTC One S

We have a bit more news on HTC’s new HTC One line coming out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It seems T-Mobile will be the premier launch partner in the U.S. for the HTC One S. The HTC One S will be T-Mobile’s next smartphone to take advantage of the company’s speedy 4G (HSPA+42) …

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February 26, 2012 • Editorials

Judie’s in Barcelona at MWC and We’re Here in the US with Gear Chat 2012

We’re back with the next episode of Gear Chat. In today’s podcast we’ll talk about the Dell/Intel event Judie and I attended last week, Carly will talk eBooks, Mike talks gaming and music, and Thomas and I discuss a variety of topics including Android and iOS apps of the week. Download it directly here or …

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February 26, 2012 • eBooks

Should Paypal Be Allowed To Dictate eBookstore Content?

(image courtesy Dogmedia) Now here’s a slightly unusual, and extra sticky, case of censorship. Smashwords sells all sorts of self-published works, from regular old fiction to instructional works, to erotica. It’s that last category that has Paypal’s metaphorical undies in a bunch, and in a really upsetting turn they’re using their position as a payment …

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February 26, 2012 • Events, News, Travel

The World’s First Ice Cream Sandwich Dual-SIM Smartphone Announced at MWC

UPDATED with Judie’s pictures from MWC ViewSonic not only announced some great new tablets at MWC but they are also announcing a host of new smartphones. Among them is the first Ice Cream Sandwich Dual-SIM Smartphone. Why dual-SIM? Dual-SIM phones are expected to see an 80% growth rate in the next two years and, according …

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February 26, 2012 • Events, News

Next Generation 7” and 10” ViewPads from ViewSonic Announced

UPDATED with pictures from MWC ViewSonic just announced new 7″ and 10″ ViewPad tablets during Mobile World Congress. The ViewSonic tablets are “designed to fit into today’s mobile lifestyle. They are the perfect options for consumers to surf the web and interact with friends or for the mobile worker to enhance productivity whilst on the …

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February 26, 2012 • Editorials, Rants and Raves

Hoarding! Why Can I Not Clean Up My iPhone?

I spend much of my time browsing for iOS applications. Finding new apps on blogs or finding reduced price and free apps is kind of a hobby of mine. Often, I will download apps with no intent of using them, but to collect them in my iTunes just in case. A few of my friends …

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February 26, 2012 • Music Diary, News, Reviews

Music Diary Notes: My ‘Baker’s Dozen’ Best New Jazz Albums of 2011

For as long as I can recall something about music has been dying – I remember hearing ‘Long Live Rock’ as a kid on the radio when rock was more vibrant than ever; lived through the death of disco and the crash & burn of punk, new wave, new age, retro-50’s, retro-60’s, retro-70’s and now …

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February 26, 2012 • News

Always … No, Never Forget To Make Sure That THE CABLE IS PLUGGED IN!

I make my living as a statistician and also have a background in optical physics, so I have been on both sides of the experimental design and analysis table. I have also been on both sides of debates about the quality and reliability of data from an experiment. So where am I going with this? …

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February 25, 2012 • News

Dyslexie, the Font Designed to Help Dyslexic People Read Better

The NIH estimates that as many as 15 – 20% of Americans have some degree of dyslexia, which can make reading and comprehension difficult. It often results in sufferers transposing or rotating letters or numbers, as well as having difficulty differentiating similar looking letters such as i and j. They might also see the letters …

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February 25, 2012 • Gaming, Reviews

Fly with Me for iPhone/Touch

  We have all flung birds at enemy pigs and used our tiny wings to navigate the hills of an unknown world but how many of us actually get to fly on our iOS device? Do not ask me to explain it, but bird games seem to be fun. As I was scouring the Appstore …

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February 24, 2012 • Editorials

The Future of Touch Interfaces?

Image courtesy of Multi-touch Research Because of my work, I have to toggle back and forth between a Windows laptop and a MacBook Pro during the day.  I am not going to add to the Apple/PC wars, nor to the Windows/Mac OS X discussion; instead what I’ve noticed most, every day, day after day, is …

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February 24, 2012 • Music Diary, News

The RIAA Shows Music Single Sales for the Past 35 Years

If you are a child of the 70’s like me, you fondly remember your collection of 45s and the mysteriously vanishing spindle adapters used to allow the discs with large holes to play on 33-1/3 RPM turntables. But as the 70s gave way to the 80s and the AOR (‘album oriented rock’ or ‘always on …

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February 24, 2012 • Gear Bits, Music Diary

George Harrison iPad App Tests How Much You Will Pay for Nostalgia and Guitar Info

Had you heard that George Harrison had an iPad app launching this week? I have been anticipating it for a while, knowing that aside from music there would be loads of context and history about his guitars and what he used for which song and so on. Cool info for a music geek, in other …

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February 24, 2012 • Rants and Raves

Scientists Give “Fake Meat” A Whole New Spin

(image courtesy T Shirt Bordello) I was a vegetarian for 7 years, so I have eaten my fair share of veggie burgers and fake bacon (actually, fake bacon is why I stopped being a vegetarian, but that’s a whole other story). So the idea of “fake” meat doesn’t bother me most of the time, but …

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February 24, 2012 • Music Diary

Videos of Blues and Rock Legends Performing ‘American Songbook’ at the White House!

Next Monday PBS is airing a concert event from the White House on February 21st that has already gotten considerable coverage due to President Obama singing a chorus of ‘Sweet Home Chicago’. But there was much more in the event hosted by the First Lady, and some of the stars playing are true musical legends …

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