Random Cool Image: The Hardest Survey Question I Have Ever Faced

This morning I grabbed a free ebook I found on the ‘Free Fridays’ Nook blog called Red to Black, which sounded pretty good.

After completing the ‘purchase’, I was prompted to take a survey. I will usually take surveys for tech magazines or sites I like, so I said ‘yes’ and went ahead. I made it half-way down the first page before I was halted by the image above. Can you see what is wrong?

That’s right … there is no option for ‘book’ in the ‘what did you purchase’ question! And since I only included that question let me assure you – there was not a different question about books. This was IT …

I love Barnes & Noble, and my family love our Nooks. But really guys … if you can’t even get BOOKS on a survey you are feeding someone who just bought a book? Well, at least if I had bought a crock pot I would have been covered with ‘home & garden’!

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  1. Since it was an ebook it could have been electronics …

    Point is – a BOOKSTORE with a survey that doesn’t have ‘BOOK’ as a top-level category is just absurd … and shows how scattered BN has become.