Louis Vuitton’s 13″ Laptop Sleeve Makes Me Very Glad That I Have an 11″ Laptop

… because otherwise I might be tempted to start saving for one. I stumbled across this monogram beauty while checking out the Louis Vuitton site today. Measuring 13.78 wide x 10.24″ tall x 1.57″ thick, it would be just the thing to carry a 13″ MacBook Pro in style. Luckily, my 11″ MacBook Air would positively rattle around inside, so I can’t even remotely be tempted by the golden brass double zipper closure, the cushy foam-lined and microfiber covered interior, or that it is also available in classic Damier (for a wee bit more).  It also doesn’t matter to me (not one bit!) that this case is also available for 15″ laptops.

Nope … not tempted at all.

But if you are, you can pick one up for $830. I suppose I should be thankful that Louis Vuitton chose not to give the MacBook Airs any love. 😉


Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas 13″ Laptop Case


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3 replies

  1. I know…you could send me your 11″ MBA and get a 13″ PLUS that beautiful LV case. Everyone wins! 😉

    • Don’t give me any ideas! 😉

      I use my air for travel, and for that it is ideal; if I get another laptop, then it will definitely be another (updated) 11″ air. =P

      • Ahhh, a girl can hope, right? hehehe
        Yeah, the 11″ is so portable. It really is the perfect travel machine, or secondary machine (like it would be for me).