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Pic Stitch For iPhone

Despite owning a digital SLR, my iPhone is always one of my favorite photography tools. Many believe that the best camera to use is always the one with you. While this is certainly true and makes an easy case for iPhone photography, the phone itself is actually a good camera. Simply taking photos is usually not enough for me, I… Read More ›

Monsanto, Already ‘Most Evil Company of 2011’, Buys Bee Research Company to Hide Ills

There are few insects as critical to just about every part of the ecological cycle as the bee. Some estimates say that one-third of naturally grown food requires pollination by bees, including most fruits, vegetables and nuts. Coffee, soy beans and cotton are all dependent on pollination by bees to increase yields. It is the start of a food chain… Read More ›

Skype Now Available for Windows Phone 7.5 Devices

Windows Phone users rejoice!  Microsoft has at long last released Skype v1.0 into the Windows Marketplace for supported devices. So now owners of Windows Phone 7.5 devices sporting at least 512MB RAM can now make and receive Skype calls as well as chat with contacts/friends on their handsets over 3G and 4G and of course Wi-Fi. A few important caveats,… Read More ›

Siri Says, “Keep it in Your Pouch”

Back in February we reviewed Sena’s Creativo pouch for the iPhone 4 and 4S. I loved the look and the feel and found it to be one of the classiest ways to protect my iPhone. At the time I was rarely carrying my iPhone sans case but, in the months since, it has become increasingly common for me to do… Read More ›

Hawkspy LT-712 Helicopter w/ Spy Camera Review

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the EGOFLY Hawkspy LT712 RC helicopter with spycam from! Want to know what’s going on around the corner and need to do some reconnaissance?’s Hawkspy RC helicopter is just for you! Sporting a tiny DVD-scale (720×480) video camera with included removable 1GB microSD card, the Hawkspy is an affordable fun… Read More ›

GoPano Micro Review

Everyone knows the iPhone has an amazing camera. You can take some amazing videos right out of the box with it. But one of the great things about the combination of a solid camera and a popular phone is that aftermarket case and accessory makers create ways to make the camera features even better. That’s the goal of the GoPano… Read More ›

Your Tablet Needs to Clean Up Its Act, Qmadix Smudge Free Can Help

Your tablet is dirty. Dirty, smudged and a mess. That’s what happens when grubby fingers are constant tapping, poking and sliding around on it. Seriously, it’s a bit gross. That’s where the Qmadix Smudge-Free Dry-Foam Cleaning Kit comes in. The kit is formulated to safely clean your device from smudges, dirt, grime and makeup. Our dry foam formula utilizes smudge-resistant… Read More ›

Rush Streams New Song in Advance of New Album Release!

Rush is no stranger to … well, just about anything at this point. Releasing their first album nearly 40 years ago, they have spent the decades remaining faithful to fans, providing some of the best prog-rock accompanied by impressive musicianship that complements without overtaking the songs. Now they are preparing a new album, ‘Clockwork Angels’ due out on June 12th…. Read More ›