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June 14, 2012 • News

Upping My Photographic Game, Part 2


The other day I posted part one of a new series of posts entitled, Upping My Photographic Game. (Read it.) Truth be told, it really should be “Upping My Photographic and Videographic Game” since the camera I chose was picked, in part, because it also shoots excellent video.

Part 2 in the series is actually a video post shot with the camera. What did I get? I bought a Canon Rebel EOS T3i. It came with Judie’s recommendation, and after a lot of research topped with a nice deal from Amazon. ($749 for the kit, camera and lens, and then $150 off a second lens. Grab the deal here.)

I’m really happy with the camera so far, despite my really having no clue how to use it. I have also begun to outfit myself with the proper gear. In this case I have three camera bags for review from Think Tank Camera. Here’s the first video shot with the EOS T3i and a first look at the three bags. (The audio will be improving significantly in the weeks to come but that is another post.)

Make sure to check the bottom of this post to learn about the special Think Tank deal for Gear Diary readers.


We liked Think Tank’s bags so much that we signed up for the company’s Photographer Support Program. With this program, any time you visit the company website using this special link to go to Think Tank and, when you order $50 or more you will get free gear added to your order. You will also help support Gear Diary in the process, and we thank you in advance. Yes, it is a win-win-win prospect and, best of all, their camera bags are awesome!!!

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  1. Chris Davies says:

    Funnily enough, I made the jump from micro-four-thirds to full DSLR myself recently. It’s been something of a learning-curve, definitely, but I found I got the best results when I threw myself in at the deep end: covering an event and not taking any other camera with me! Wrote about that a little here:

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