Apple’s Ping to Cease Operation Sept 30 in Case You Care … Which You Don’t

I was too busy with actual work to get to see the Apple iPhone event this year, so when I heard that Ping was ceasing operations on September 30th through an email … I just assumed it was one of those Apple ‘shutdown in 7 days’ things like we got for iWork and MobileMe and so on. Turns out it was a link from Macworld , and cited a bunch of sources noting that if you head to Apple’s Ping site … well, you can’t because you get redirected. But if you click on Ping in iTunes, you get the same basic notice:

Ping will no longer be available as of September 30th.

Which to me means … nothing. I was never invested in Ping; I followed a few people, broadcast a few things. But I never really cared.

Neither did anyone else.

And apparently neither did Apple.

Not enough to ever really try; not enough to work to integrate it fully with … anything; and not enough to even let people know it was going away.

So by next Monday it will be gone. Do you care?

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  1. Nope. Always seemed like a lame idea, executed with mediocrity, and half-heartedly supported. Never been interested, and not interested now.