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Audyssey Wireless Speakers Review

Hi, Captain Obvious here with a thought that is… well, obvious. Today’s totally obvious thought? No matter how good tech gets, there will always be pros and cons to any and every device. This holds for computers, it holds for tablets, and it holds for audio systems; let’s focus on audio system. I LOVE my Sonos system. It works perfectly… Read More ›

Eemov Nano Stabilizer Arm Review

Smartphone cameras and camcorder abilities have improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and that means that more and more they are becoming our go-to devices to record precious memories and important events. Where you used to see someone carrying anything from a point and shoot to a full DSLR, you now see people whipping out their… Read More ›

Battlefield 3 Expansion Pack Aftermath Releases

Battlefield 3: Aftermath, the fourth expansion pack which features a four new maps (Azadi Palace, Epicenter, Markaz Monolith, and Talah Market), three new vehicles (Barsuk, Phoenix, and Rhino) plus modified military and civilian vehicles. Players can also enjoy the new “XBOW” crossbow weapon, and a new “scavenger” mode where players search for weapons while starting with only a pistol. New… Read More ›

First Drive of all-new 2013 Nissan Sentra

Our recent trip to California with Nissan was a two-part launch program. The first I already brought you in the form of the all-new, unibody-once-again, three-row Pathfinder. The second is the 2013 Sentra compact sedan. Nissan wants to be your sedan destination and part of that, a big part, is this seventh-generation model. The compact segment is now second in… Read More ›

Hunter’s Universal Internet Thermostat Review

Every now and then I review a product that I quickly realize I’m not only going to continue using after the review but will likely purchase more for use elsewhere. That is the case with Hunter’s Universal Internet Thermostat. The thermostat is simple to install, uncomplicated to set up, and it works phenomenally well. In fact, just this morning, Elana said… Read More ›

What Would a Nationwide Secession Really Look Like?

I have to admit, my main response to all those petitions to secede after the presidential election was to laugh, shrug, and move on with my day. However, one very creative author came up with a much more entertaining take on secession, turning into an alternate history account of what civil war would look like if every state fended for… Read More ›

Cool Story Behind a Great Picture

Chances are if you or anyone you know is into running, you have since the picture above this week. Running clubs and individuals have picked it up everywhere, but as so often happens it was done without attribution or a link to the original source. Today on my own local Facebook running group there was a link to the original… Read More ›

Sena Magia Wallet for iPhone 5 Review

We’ve been looking at a number of the cases Sena offers for the iPhone 5. This time out we are looking at the Sena Magia Wallet for iPhone 5. This wallet-style case protects your phone, holds a number of cards, and does so in as simple and stylish manner as I have seen. Let’s take a look. From Sena: Give… Read More ›

Build-A-Lot 4 Power Source HD for iPad Review

Type of app: Time Management Platform/where to buy: iPad (iPhone version, here); available in the App Store Developer: HipSoft / G5 Entertainment Description: Make your cities grow and glow in this energetic hit! You already know how to construct homes, malls and restaurants, right? Now it’s time to invest in green energy! Build solar towers, wind farms and even nuclear… Read More ›

#1reasonwhy – Twitter (and blogs) Discuss Why Only 6% of Game Developers Are Women

When you look broadly across the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), women have made tremendous gains in the decades since I entered undergraduate school. This is excellent – there is simply no reason women shouldn’t have equal representation … so long as the opportunity is equal and fair. But there are some areas where women are terribly… Read More ›

Cocoa Beans Channel Coffee Beans with Choffy

While I cut way back on my coffee consumption after I stopped working for Borders, I still appreciate a well made cup of coffee. The coffee snob in me won’t touch flavored coffees, but I do like the occasional mocha flavored treat. In the course of surfing around the web today, I came across a coffee-like product so delicious and… Read More ›

Barnes and Noble and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Fictionwise Shutdown

The Barnes and Noble transition of Fictionwise and eReader to NOOK has been steadily going from bad to worse. First, they had difficulties moving books to the NOOK platform. Then, a huge swath of customers (including both Judie and I) received an error message that our email addresses were not recognized. The Thanksgiving holiday intervened, but it doesn’t look like… Read More ›

ecbc Javelin Daypack Review

A must have for every gear junky is a good gear bag. I have been carrying the Everki Titan Backpack for quite a while. I love the bag, but since I am not using a laptop anymore, it is just too large. I actually quit carrying a bag at all of late because of the over kill for my needs…. Read More ›

Reveal the Maze Pro for iPhone Review

Type of app: Maze / puzzle game Platform/where to buy: iPhone; available in the App Store Developer: Yigit Turkeri Description: Have you ever been in a real maze? Forget about all of the other maze games that you have seen before. We invite you to a real maze experience. While increasing your field of view with 13 different items and… Read More ›