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November 9, 2012 • News

Blue’s Spark Digital Now Available

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As I have quickly learned while trying to shoot videos for the site and record audio for an interactive iBook I am creating, having a high quality microphone can make all the difference. Blue’s Spark Digital is “the world’s first studio-grade condenser microphone to offer both USB and iPad connectivity”.

We’ve reviewed a number of the company’s various microphone offerings but none have been quite as impressive as this one. As the company explains,

Expanding on the professional and sound of Blue’s Spark XLR studio microphone, Spark Digital features the same studio-grade condenser capsule and hand-tuned components for high-fidelity recording and consistence performance in any situation– vocals, drums, piano, speech, location recording and more.

Spark Digital also includes the Focus Control, providing two different sonic options in one mic at the push of a button. Complete with an adjustable desk stand and built-in shockmount, Spark Digital also includes y-cables for each platform with a headphone jack for zero-latency real-time monitoring. With a full range of recording capabilities, Spark Digital turns your iPad into a true mobile studio.

Screen Shot 2012 11 09 at 8 44 35 AM

But while the Spark Digital looks complicated it is actually quite simple to use and offers “Plug ‘n play for iPad, Mac and PC” that requires no drivers. And while you will need to get one of Apple’s overpriced adapters if you have the new iPad or the iPad mini, it the Spark Digital will also work with Apple’s latest offerings. Other features include:

The mic works with GarageBand and other recording applications

Focus Control switch offers two sonic signatures in one mic

A headphone jack for zero-latency real-time monitoring

Onboard control for volume, gain and instant mute give complete control

An LED meter provides visual feedback

The mic includes Blue’s Cloud Production Bundle for audio back-up and sharing online

At $199.99 the microphone is a bit pricey but if you are looking for a professional-grade mic that works with all your current gear it is worth a serious look. You can learn more here, on the product page. We have one on the way for review.

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  1. gorkon says:

    I have the Yeti and Yeti Pro and I love them both and use them both! 🙂

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