American Express and Walmart Team Up to Create Bluebird

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????? ‘Tis The Season to Spend Money, fah lah lah lah, lah lah lah lah… ?????

What could be better than an entire season dedicated to separating you from your money? I’m kidding but still, this is the season when money seems to flow more heavily than usual. Having a safe, convenient and secure way to spend can be a huge help.

It turns out that American Express and Walmart have teamed up to offer a way to do just that – Bluebird. Bluebird lets you make direct deposits, pay bills online, deposit checks with your iPhone or Android device, set up Sub-Accounts, and more.

We were invited to open an account and try out the service. And while this is a sponsored endeavor, the observations and experiences I’ll be documenting in the coming weeks are mine and mine alone.

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There are more advantages to the Bluebird platform, and we’ll be taking a look at them in the second part of this ongoing sponsored series. From there I’ll be documenting my experience setting up an account and using Bluebird on a daily basis. It you are interested in learning more now, you can click here to visit the Bluebird website.

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