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Record Numbers of Devices Activated on Christmas, iPad and Amazon Tablets Big Winners

It is not terribly surprising that oodles of new devices were opened up and activated on Christmas morning – in fact, we had three new iPhone 5 activations in our house alone! The site tracks and estimates the daily activations of iOS and Android devices, and is reporting that more than 17 million activations took place on December 25th… Read More ›

Aranez Flip iPhone 5 Leather Case Review

Stacey just did a review of the Aranez Aquila iPhone 5 Leather Case. (Read it here.) She liked it. Mike reviewed the Aranez Book Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Case. (Read Mike’s review.) He liked it too! Let’s go for the trifecta and look at the Aranez Flip iPhone 5 Leather Case. More accurately, let’s let my father-in-law Mark go on… Read More ›

Monitor2Go and iPad 3, a Gear Diary Video Look

A year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to review an incredibly useful mobile device that quickly and easily doubles your screen real-estate. The FieldMonitorPro is a large screen that, right out of the box, extends your computer to give you additional screen space or allows someone/s to look at your computer screen without having to crowd in… Read More ›

Green Jelly for iPhone and iPad Review

Type of app: Physics/Puzzle game Platform/where to buy: iPad (iPhone version here); available in the App Store Developer: MaxNick / G5 Entertainment Description: ? 60 Levels in three locations: Cake, Chocolate and Waffles ? Over 10 types of objects for physics-based interaction ? 20 Funny achievements to share with friends ? Cute graphics and amusing sounds ? Updates with new… Read More ›

Randi Zuckerberg Learns the Hard Lesson of Facebook Privacy First-Hand

Over the Christmas holiday, Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s sister and former director of Marketing at Facebook) posted a picture of her family around the kitchen island having fun, and someone else shared the image on Twitter. This was picked up on Buzzfeed and more thoroughly explained on GigaOm amongst other places. Zuckerberg called the person out, saying that she had… Read More ›

Speck WanderFolio Luxe for iPad Review

Truth be told, I’ve always been a fan of Speck’s product design, though I haven’t owned any of their products for any of my devices.  So I was very excited when I got the opportunity to review their WanderFolio Luxe iPad case. The WanderFolio Luxe is made with top-grain leather and has pockets for your travel needs, like passports, cash,… Read More ›

Aranez Aquila iPhone 5 Leather Case Review

The first thing I did when I received the Aquila iPhone 5 Leather Case by Aranez, was sniff it for that real leather smell.  My nose (and the case’s specifications) confirmed that this case is made from genuine cow leather. This case is extremely lightweight, yet feels sturdy enough to protect your iPhone 5 from minor drops and bangs.   The… Read More ›

Incipio Stashback for iPhone 5 Review

This is the third of three Incipio iPhone 5 case reviews. This time out we are looking at the STASHBACK Dockable Credit Card Case. This case looks like a simple shell style iPhone 5 case but it doubles as a wallet. Better yet, it is not apparent to anyone looking at the case that it holds credit cards, ID or… Read More ›

Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 5 Video Review

This is the second of three Incipio iPhone five case reviews we have going up. The first case was a simple slider case that didn’t offer much excitement. This time out we’re taking a look at the Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 5. It is a far more compelling case thanks to two unique features hidden away in its seemingly simple… Read More ›

Byook Enhanced eBooks Review

Various developers have been trying since the original iPad to make enhanced and video eBooks a success. There seems to be this impression that books+tablet+video=profit! Yet plain old eBooks have managed to hold their ground quite nicely, leaving the question of whether there’s really a market for a book with video, music, and other bells and whistles. Byook think they… Read More ›

Incipio EDGE PRO for iPhone 5 Video Review

Incipio has released a wide range of different cases for the iPhone 5. A few months ago we reviewed a number of them. Now we’ve got a look at three more. First up, is the Incipio EDGE PRO Co-molded Hard-Shell Slider Case. This is a simple slider case with a unique design. Here’s a look.   Rigid Plextonium™ shell with… Read More ›

Ibattz Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case Review

My first reaction when I received the ibattz mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case was underwhelming.  Here you have a plastic shell that you slap on your phone like most cases, and a separate battery pack that clips onto the plastic shell that needs to be plugged into your iPhone with a lightning cable. Here’s the rub:  You have to provide your… Read More ›