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January 2, 2013 • News

Canonical Outs New Ubuntu for Phones


The New Year has barely begun, but there’s something BIG going on at Ubuntu’s parent company, Canonical!  Today Canonical has announced a version of Ubuntu for Mobile phones.  According to Canonical, Ubuntu for Mobile Phones should have this on hardware to demonstrate at CES 2013.

Canonical says that the SDK has everything developers need. The interface certainly looks nice, but they have not announced hardware vendors or carriers yet.  A phone OS without hardware is pretty useless.  They say they are in talks, but they said that when they outed Ubuntu TV at CES last year, and there STILL isn’t a hardware vendor for that.

The open source lover in me loves this idea and wants it to work, but if Canonical can’t attract a hardware vendor or carrier, then what’s the use?  OMGUbuntu has a story that indicates that this should run on devices powered by a quad-core ARM A9 Processor, but I still say: show me hardware.  Otherwise this is vapor.

Update 1/2/2013: The Verge has posted a video of a walk through the OS as installed on a Galaxy Nexus.  That video is below.

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  1. cgavula says:

    I think the bigger problem is that they are talking 2014 for an actual product release – way too late, I think, if they have any hope to be successful.

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