IK Multimedia Brings Mobile Music to Android with iRig Recorder

iRig Recorder for Android

For me, one of the deciding negatives regarding Android has been the lack of a low-latency core audio system as is found in iOS. And while that hasn’t been solved at a system level, talented developers such of products such as FL Studio have been working on their own solutions. Now IK Multimedia takes the lead!

Today at CES IK Multimedia announced iRig Recorder for Android, which allows high-definition, low-latency audio recording. The app also has plenty of built-in tools for editing and exporting your sounds, and will support IK Multimedia accessories such as iRig MIC, iRig MIC Cast and iRig PRE. Let’s take a look at the features: The app will automatically group recordings by date, tags them with geographic location information, and saves the original file as a backup. Recording time is limited only by the available memory on the device. iRig Recorder can be used with the built-in device microphone, or for superior sound quality can be used with IK’s iRig MIC handheld microphone, iRig MIC Cast compact device microphone, or iRig PRE professional studio XLR microphone preamp.

iRig Recorder availability is planned for the end of January, and will sell for $4.99 on the Google Play Store. A free limited demo version will also be offered. You can get more info at the IK Multimedia iRig Recorder site (currently focused on the iOS version).

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