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January 9, 2013 • Gear Bits, News

Reality Show “Chained To My Ex” Looks at the Struggles of Life Together After Divorce

Chained to my Ex

As anyone who has been married for more than a couple of years (or perhaps months … or weeks … or days) can tell you, marriage is not easy. Aside from all of the issues related to cohabitation, you also have to consider that suddenly there are joint liability issues and financial sharing and so on. Which leads to the tag-line for the new reality show “Chained To My Ex”

“Being married and living together can be tough.
Being divorced and living together…PURE HELL”

That’s where Chained to My Ex comes in.

While reality TV is definitely not ‘my thing’, this is done by the MSNBC Documentary team and handled in a different way than most genre shows in that it attempts to look inside the difficulties of the situation rather than just exploit it for entertainment value.

The series premiered on December 23rd on MSNBC and the next episode is coming soon … here is the original trailer:

There are a couple of ‘meet the couple’ videos to introduce you to the show and how things function (or more often DON’T) in their houses:

Head to the official site for more details, and check the site and your local listings to find out when it is returning for the next episode.

What do you think about the show, the concept, and anything else?

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