Discovering Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn's River Falls

My family and I are here in Jamaica, mon — enjoying the sun, the warmth and the beauty of this lush tropical island. Yesterday we ate breakfast and then set out for a trip to Dunn’s River Falls – about 45 minutes from our villa. Dunn’s River Falls is in an area the Spanish called “Las Chorreras”, or “the waterfalls or the springs”. Over time “Las Chorreras” became “Ocho Rios” or “eight rivers”. This despite the fact that there are just four, rather than eight, rivers here. Those four rivers are Cave River, Roaring River, Turtle River and of course Dunn’s River.

Dunn’s River Falls is said to be the location of the battle of “Las Chorreras” in 1657. That battle for the ownership of the island of Jamaica was between the English and a Spanish Expeditionary Force from Cuba. The English and Charles Pryce became the first owner of “Las Chorreras”. Eventually, it became part of the 276 acres Belmont property.

Dunn's River Falls

In 1972 the Belmont property became property of the government of Jamaica, and Dunn’s River Falls became a main island attraction.

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls offers 600 feet of waterfall that flows directly into the Caribbean Sea. That is, in and of itself unusual, since it is one of the only rivers that flow directly into the Caribbean.

Dunn's River Falls

As many guidebooks note, it is popular to climb the falls and hang out in one of the lagoons on the way up. That’s what we did.

Even if you have not been to Jamaica, you might recognize Dunn’s River Falls as it was featured in the James Bond Movie “Dr. No”. In one scene Ursula Andress walks out from the falls onto Dunn’s River beach.


Dunn’s River Falls is beautiful. Loud flowing water, amazingly lush tropical plants, air-cooled by the splashing water and tropical birds flying by all combine to make a place unlike any other. Mix in the challenge of climbing over slipper rocks while water races by — and at —  you, and you have a terrific way to spend a morning or afternoon

Dunn's River Falls


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